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Second Working Group Session on the Global Pact for the Environment in Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya

The second working group session on the negotiations of the Global Pact for the Environment will be held from 18th to 20th March, 2019, in Nairobi (Kenya).

During the first session, from the 14th to the 18th of January, the working group discussed each point of the report of the UN Secretary-General : “Towards a Global Pact for the Environment. During this session, the existence of gaps in international environmental law has been broadly recognized by the participants. Their origins and their possible solutions have been discussed all through the week. While recalling the attachment to existing Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs), it has been recognized that international environmental law is fragmented. The proposition of a Pact has been greeted several times.

This first session showed that the diplomatic situation is mixed. Three categories of countries can be distinguished:

– about twenty States strongly support the idea of ​​the Pact (for example: Cameroon, Indonesia, Mexico, Micronesia, Senegal, South Korea, Switzerland),

– about ten countries are very strongly against the Pact (especially the United States),

– between these two categories, the vast majority of States are “swing States” who have not yet taken a position.

Some countries against the introduction of the Pact have voiced concerns relating to the binding value of the Pact, its link with existing sectorial agreements or even the risk of regression. You will find here a note to answer these concerns.

You can find here a summary of the first work session and read here the article on our website.