Upcoming Book Launch: “Principios de derecho ambiental y Agenda 2030”

25 September 2019
New York, United States

The importance of the principles of environmental law to provide legal effectiveness to the Sustainable Development Goals

Presentation of the book”Principios de derecho ambiental y Agenda 2030″


On the occasion of the publication of the book “Principios de derecho ambiental y Agenda 2030”, Carlos III University of Madrid and the Pascual Madoz institute held a conference at the Interchurch Center of New York (USA), on Wednesday 25th, September 2019, from 8:30AM until noon.

This conference focused on how the principles of environmental law, enshrined in several declarations and set at the core of the draft Global Pact for the Environment, curently under discussion before the UN, can be used to effectively implement the principles of Agenda 2030 adopted in 2015.

You can find here the program of the conference.