Public figures

They support the Pact

“This is not the right versus the left because there is no liberal air or conservative air. We all breathe the same air. There is no liberal water or conservative water, we all drink the same water”.
Trudie Styler and Sting are the Founders of the Rainforest Foundation Fund
“The Pact is supported by scientists, professors, students, celebrities, artists and many climate advocates who all believe that the time to act for our planet has come.”
Anaïs Martane & Liu Ye are a couple of actors committed to protecting the environment.
"A pact that can become the foundation of a new social contract for humanity.”
Prince Albert II of Monaco is the 14th and current sovereign prince of Monaco.
“A Pact that recognizes the right of everybody to a healthy environment, that recognizes the duty of States and citizens everywhere to take care of the environment.”
Aurélien Barrau is a French astrophysicist.
Fernando Carrillo Flórez is the former Attorney General of Colombia.
“This pact is a paradigm shift: it allows us to do at the level of the environment what has been done for human rights.”
Anne Hidalgo is the Mayor of Paris, France.
Enrico Letta is the former Prime Minister of Italy and University Professor.
Ismaël Lo is a Senegalese singer, songwriter and musician.
“Never was the time more opportune to support a Global Pact for the Environment”
David Suzuki is a Canadian scientist and environmental activist.
Zhang Xinsheng is the former President of IUCN.

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