The Global Pact Coalition


The Global Pact Coalition is an alliance of NGOs, citizens, academics and businesses. It aims to assemble a large coalition of stakeholders to push States to act.

Launched on February 17, 2021, the Global Pact Coalition aims to build a global movement in support of the Global Pact for the Environment. It has nearly 1000 members, including a hundred NGOs, 200 academics and hundreds of students from over 70 countries.

We are proud to count among our partners organizations such as the Amazon Conservation Team, Birdlife International, the European Environmental Bureau (EEB), Stop Ecocide and many others.

In addition, eminent jurists joined us, as well as public figures from various backgrounds, countries and institutions. Celebrities are promoting the Coalition to their communities around the world.

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Soutenir le Pacte mondial pour l'environnement

En rejoignant la Global Pact Coalition, vous prêtez votre voix à la lutte pour la justice environnementale. Vous nous aiderez à pousser les États à agir.