The (Club des juristes) is a legal think tank based in Paris.

Birdlife international is a United-Kingdom based NGO, specialisation in birds species and habitat preservation on the international level.

The Amazon Conservation Team is an NGO created in 1996 to partner with indigenous and local communities to protect the Amazon rainforest and its biodiversity.

The European Environmental Bureau, based in Brussels, Belgium, is the largest network of environmental NGOs in Europe, created to advocate for progressive policies that protect the environment in Europe and beyond.

The International Council of Environmental Law was established in New Delhi in 1969 and is the oldest organization of eminent jurists dedicated to environmental law, working for the advancement of environmental law to protect people and nature.

Stop Ecocide is an international NGO created with the aim of having the crime of ecocide recognized as an international crime.

Australian Lawyers for Human Rights is an NGO based in Australia since 1993, bringing together lawyers promoting and defending international human rights standards in Australia.

Green Amendments for the Generations is an NGO based in New York (USA), created with the aim of incorporating a new amendment to the US Constitution: the Green Amendment, recognizing environmental rights at the federal level.

The Environmental Defenders Office is an Australian-based NGO that brings together lawyers who bring landmark litigation before Australian courts and advocate for better legal protection of the environment in Australia.

OFFSET TRAIL is a Spanish cooperative formed by professional partners from different fields, oriented to consulting projects in the environmental sector from an integral point of view, and based on sustainable development ideas.

The Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature is an international network of individuals and organizations committed to the recognition of the rights of Nature.

The Centre Québécois du Droit de l’Environnement is a Quebec-based NGO, created to provide legal expertise in environmental law, to promote access to information and environmental justice to citizens and the protection of the environment.

The Canadian Environmental Law Association is an Ontario-based legal clinic that provides free legal assistance to vulnerable individuals and groups of people in Ontario affected by pollution.

The International Centre for Comparative International Law, based in Limoges (France), is a research center whose mission is to bring together lawyers from all over the world to promote the development of environmental law at the international and regional levels.

The Conflict and Environment Observatory is an observatory created to raise awareness of the environmental and humanitarian consequences caused by conflicts and military activities.

The Ecoreach Foundation is committed to the fight against environmental degradation and for a green and clean environment.

The 2022Initiative aims to propel global action around the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, through interim targets for 2022, through the organisation of an interim conference and the Sustainability Games in Stockholm and around the world in 2022.

The NGO Sociedad Hominis Iura, founded in 2014 and based in Venezuela, specializes in the defense and promotion of human rights, including the right to a healthy environment.