Conference at the University of Chile for the Days of Environmental Law

2 July 2020 - 31 July 2020
Santiago, Chile

The 9th Days of Environmental law took place in July 2020 à the University of Chile, in Santiago.

During the roundtable on Human Rights on Friday the 3rd of July 2020, the professor Raul Campusano intervened on the topic of the Pact “Hacia la unificacion del derecho internacional del medio ambiente: el pacto mundial por el medio ambiente” (“Towards the unification of the International Environmental Law: The Global Pact for the Environment”). He analyzed the possible future of a Global Pact with the aim of tackling the environmental issues. He recalled that these issues are inherently global and therefore require an international response. Thus, States cooperation is essential. Raul Campusano asserted that a Global Pact for the Environment would help building a global frame that is necessary for a better environmental conservation. The adoption of such a Pact would confirm that a better future is possible.

You can find Raul Campusano’s intervention here.

During the closing day, on the 31st of July 2020, the Global Pact for the Environment project was presented by Yann Aguila, director general of the Global Pact Coalition, and Débora Quiero Benavente, assistant at the University of Chile and Pact ambassador. They highlighted the need to adopt a Global Pact for the Environment in order to enshrine the rights and duties of citizens and of States’ leaders in the environmental field. It will be possible to do so during the negotiation of the environmental political declaration, which should be adopted be adopted during the next Earth Summit in Stocholm in 2022.


You can find Yann Aguila and Débora Quiero Benavente’s interventions here.

The program of the Days of Environmental Law can be downloaded here.