Webinar – Envisioning Our Environmental Future

3 June 2022

On June 3, 2022, the Environmental Policy and Law Journal hosted a webinar in which prominent speakers including: Global Pact Coalition Executive Director Victoria Lichet; Greg Rose (Wollongong University, AUS), Oliver Ruppel (University of Stellenbosch, SA) were able to present their solutions to solve the triple global crisis in terms of climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution. 

This webinar celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Stockholm Conference, was an opportunity for speakers to reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of international environmental law.

Often criticized for their slowness and lack of ambition, international institutions seem to be the place to deal with these crises. Indeed, environmental crises are happening on a global level and confronting them effectively requires confronting them together.

In this webinair, Victoria Lichet recalls that the response to environmental crises could be found in human rights and, more specifically, the recognition of environmental rights for all

The Global Pact for the Environment offers to bring together environmental rights in an instrument that serves as a reference for stakeholders: citizens, companies and states. This instrument, gathered with others, would establish a new threshold in international environmental law and could inspire national legislation towards more ambitions to achieve climate change objectives