Webinar: Towards a Global Pact for the Environment: Launch of the Global Pact Coalition (in Spanish)

19 April 2021


Watch the replay of the high-level conference in Spanish that took place on April 19th, in partnership with UNAM (Mexico).


This webinar presenting the Global Pact Coalition gathered more than 4 000 attendees! 


In 2022, a declaration will be adopted to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 1972 Stockholm Conference. In order for this text to live up to expectations, civil society needs to unite behind a single motto : ambition for the planet.

A Coalition has been formed to rally all stakeholders behind this call: the Global Pact Coalition. Together, we want to push States to act and adopt a Global Pact for the Environment.


This Webinar presenting the Global Pact Coalition addressed three questions:

1/ What is the Pact?
2/ Why a Pact?
3/ What is the status of the Pact?



  • Marisol Anglès Hernandez, Researcher and Professor of the Graduate Studies Division of the Law School of UNAM.
  • Pilar Moraga, Lawyer, Assistant Professor in the Department of International Law and director of the Undergraduate School at the University of Chile.
  • Yann Aguila, Director General of the Global Pact Coalition.


Organized by: The Global Pact Coalition and the UNAM