The Global Pact Coalition presents its submission to the Zero Draft of the UN Pact of the Future.

The Summit for the Future, scheduled for September 22-23, 2024, in New York City, is a significant United Nations initiative aimed at addressing global challenges, with a strong emphasis on environmental protection. Themed ‘Multilateral Solutions for a Better Tomorrow,’ this high-level event aspires to forge a worldwide consensus on future visions and strategies. It serves as a forum where diverse stakeholders, including UN Member States, agencies, NGOs, civil societies, academic institutions, the private sector, and youth, will converge to discuss and shape the future.

In preparation for the Summit, a key focus is the creation of the Pact for the Future, an action-driven document expected to address various global challenges, including environmental concerns. This document is part of the UN’s broader commitment to reinforcing multilateralism and addressing complex global issues in a sustainable and equitable manner.

In this context, civil society organizations, among other stakeholders, have been invited to contribute to the Zero Draft for the Pact for the Future. The Global Pact Coalition has submitted its written contribution to this draft. 

In its submission, the GPC stresses the interlinkage of environmental rights with broader human rights and social justice and highlights that the right to a clean, healthy, and sustainable environment is one held by present and future generations. The GPC suggests that States commit to promote, protect, and fulfill the right to a clean, healthy, and sustainable environment as recognized by the UN Human Rights Council’s resolution 48/13 of 2021 and the UN General Assembly’s resolution 76/3000 of 2022.  The GPC proposed commitments for the Pact focus on strengthening the legal framework for environmental protection and advocate for the inclusion of diverse global communities, especially youth and future generations, in environmental decision-making. This approach is aimed at ensuring comprehensive and inclusive policies to address global environmental challenges.

The Global Pact Coalition is honored to present its submission to the Summit for the Future, hoping it will meaningfully contribute to the global dialogue on environmental protection.

You can find here the Global Pact Coalition’s written submission in English.

EDIT 29.01.2024: Find the Zero Draft of the Pact of the Future here, in English