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15 August 2023

Response to the call for written submissions of the intergovernmental negotiating committee for the treaty on plastic pollution

The Secretariat of the intergovernmental negotiating committee tasked with elaborating a treaty on plastic pollution has issued an invitation to provide written submissions on elements not discussed at the last session of negotiations, INC-2. The GPC has sent its written submission.

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31 July 2023

Response to the call for comments of the Montevideo Environmental Law Programme

The Secretariat of the Montevideo Environmental Law Programme is currently working on a partnerships and stakeholder engagement strategy. The Secretariat invited all interested stakeholders and partners of the Programme to comment on the annotated outline of the strategy. The Global Pact Coalition has sent its commentary.

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20 July 2023

Right to a Healthy Environment Global Coalition Wins UN Human Rights Prize

The Global Coalition of Civil Society, Indigenous Peoples, Social Movements, and Local Communities for the Universal Recognition of the Right to a Clean, Healthy, and Sustainable Environment wins the UN 2023 Human Rights Award. The Coalition is recognized for its critical role in advocating for the recognition of the right to a healthy environment by the UN General Assembly in 2022.

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4 June 2023

Negotiations for a United Nations Treaty on Plastic Pollution

The United Nations is currently developing a legally binding treaty on plastic pollution. A zero draft of the agreement is being prepared ahead of the next session of negotiations which will take place in Nairobi, in November.

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20 March 2023

Response to the call for comments of the Committee on the Rights of the Child, Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)

The Committee on the rights of the child, monitors implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child by UN States parties. It is currently drafting a general comment on children’s rights and the environment with a special focus on climate change. The Committee invited all interested stakeholders to comment on its draft general comment. The Global Pact Coalition submitted a comment.

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6 March 2023

Historic UN Treaty on High Seas

After almost years of talks, UN Member States have finally reached a historic deal to protect international waters. Almost 2/3 of the world’s ocean lies outside national boundaries & only 1.2% is protected. This deal is decisive in enforcing the 30×30 pledge.

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2 March 2023

105 countries are in favor of taking the climate issue to the International Court of Justice

Vanuatu and 14 other States published the final draft of the UNGA resolution to request an International Court of Justice Advisory Opinion on the human rights obligations of States in the context of climate change. They are calling Member States to co-sponsor the resolution before its vote in a plenary session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). 105 UN member states are already co-sponsoring the resolution prior to its vote in the UN General Assembly plenary session.

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20 February 2023

Respecting, promoting, and protecting human rights in climate action through the Global Stocktake

This brief was submitted in February 2023 to the UNFCCC in response to the call for ‘Views on the approach to the consideration of outputs component of the first global stocktake’ by some member organizations of the Human Rights and Climate Change Working Group.

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28 December 2022

The Global Pact Coalition’s year in review and exciting projects for 2023!

Over the year of 2022, the Global Pact Coalition (GPC) took part in a number of events and negotiations in the field of international environmental law. Major changes and evolvements in the structure and networks of the organization also took place in 2022.

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6 December 2022

The Global Pact Coalition supports the International Court of Justice Advisory Opinion campaign led by Vanuatu

In September 2021, the Government of Vanuatu announced its intention to seek an Advisory Opinion from the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on the obligations of States under international law to protect the environment for future generations.

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