8 October 2021

The UN Human Rights Council recognizes the right to a healthy environment

In October 2021, the United Nations Human Rights Council adopted a resolution recognizing the right to a healthy environment.

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9 June 2021

Major leaps for the right to a healthy environment

Since 69 states signed a declaration in favor of the recognition of the right to a healthy environment, 2021 is on track to become a game-changing year to achieve the international recognition of this fundamental right.

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21 May 2021

The Global Pact Coalition is gaining momentum

Since its launch in February 2021, the Global Pact Coalition hasn’t stopped growing. It now counts 740 members, including international NGOs, high-level officials, businesses and renowned jurists. Let’s dive into the details of this tremendous expansion.

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10 May 2021

We’re Launching “Pathway to the 2022 Declaration”: A Blog by Jurists for Diplomats

in 2022, governments from around the world will adopt a high-level political declaration on the environment. For it to be as ambitious as possible, we have teamed up to form Pathway to the 2022 Declaration, a Blog by Jurists for Diplomats.

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3 January 2021

Onwards to 2021: One Pact to Build Back Better

The new year requires us to build back better. 2021 grants us the opportunity to mark a turning point in our relationship with our environment and to enshrine the environmental rights and duties of all.

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30 September 2020

Calls for the International Recognition of the Right to a Healthy Environment

NGOs, jurists, and citizens from all over the world are calling the United Nations to recognize the right to a healthy environment. This fundamental right is one of the pillars of the preliminary draft of the Global Pact of the Environment.

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10 September 2020

Publication of Laurent Fabius’ book Rouge Carbone

The book Rouge Carbone by Laurent Fabius has just been published. The former president of COP 21, architect of the famous Paris Agreement, calls on states to act against climate change.

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9 September 2020

NGOs call for a Global Pact for the Environment

Consulted during the first informal meeting of States at the UN, NGOs called for the  adoption of a Global Pact for the Environment.

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9 August 2020

Report of the first consultation debates

From July 21-23, 2020, states, NGOs, and UN agencies met online for the first of three consultations to prepare a political declaration on the environment for 2022.

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1 February 2020

A new book on the Global Pact for the Environment

The Environmental Law Institute just published a new book, written by Maria Antonia Tigre, and exclusively focusing on the Global Pact for the Environment.

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