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Conference at the University of Oslo "Is there a need for an international treaty on environmental principles - a “Global Pact for the Environment”?"

The Faculty of Law of Oslo University held an afternoon meeting on the subject of the Global Pact for the Environment …

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What is the Global Pact?

The Global Pact for the Environment would be an international treaty, with legal force, dedicated to the principles that guide environmental action. With the momentum created by the Paris Climate Agreement of 2015, the Pact would go beyond the sectorial differences, by not targeting a particular sector (climate, biodiversity, pollution etc. ), the Pact applies to environmental politics as a whole. The project of the Global Pact results from an initiative from an international network of a hundred experts from over 40 countries, coordinated by the Club des juristes (a legal think tank). Following a vote of the UN General Assembly of 10 May, 2018, the Pact is currently being discussed between States.



They support the Pact

Yann Aguila, president of the Environment Commission of the Club des juristes ; Antonio Herman Benjamin, Justice at the National High Court of Brazil, Chair of the IUCN World Commission on Environmental Law; Laurent Fabius, former President of the COP 21 ; Bruce Ackerman, Sterling Professor of Law and Political Science, Yale Law School ; Laurence Boisson de Chazournes, Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Geneva ; David Boyd, Professor of Law, Policy and Sustainable Development, University of British Columbia, UN Special Rapporteur on human rights and the environment ; Lord Robert Carnwath, Justice UK Supreme Court ; Parvez Hassan, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of Pakistan Chairman Emeritus IUCN World Commission on Environmental Law ; Marie Jacobsson, former Member of the UN International Law Commission and Special Rapporteur ; Donald Kaniaru, former Director of Environmental Implementation at UNEP ; Swatanter Kumar, former Judge at the Supreme Court of India, former Chairperson of the Indian National Green Tribunal ; Luc Lavrysen, Judge at the Constitutional Court of Belgium, President of the European forum of Judges for the Environment, Professor of Environmental Law, Ghent University ; Pilar Moraga Sariego, Professor at Environmental Law Center of Faculty of Law, University of Chile, Head of the Human Dimension research line of the Center for Climate and Resilience Research (CR)2 ; Tianbao Qin, Professor at the Wuhan University, Secretary General of Chinese Society of Environment and Resources Law ; Nicholas A. Robinson, Professor at the Elisabeth Haub School of Law, Pace University, Executive Governor, International Council of Environmental Law (ICEL) ; Jorge E. Vinuales, Harold Samuel Chair of Law and Environmental Policy Fellow of C-EENRG Fellow of Clare College, University of Cambridge, Chairman of the Compliance Committee of the UNECE/WHO-Europe Protocol on Water and Health ; Margaret Young, Associate Professor, Melbourne Law School.


Where are we now?

June 2017
Presentation of the Draft of the International Group of Experts for the Pact
September 2017
Presentation of the Pact at the UN
May 2018
Resolution of the UN General Assembly
December 2018
Report of the UN Secretary-General


First substantive session of the working group on the Pact at Nairobi

14 January 2019

From 14th to 18th of January 2019, the ad hoc working group, created by the resolution of the UN General Assembly of May 10th, 2018, gathered in Nairobi …

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Report of the UN Secretary General

3 December 2018

The report of UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, was published on December 3rd, 2018. This report, commanded by the UN General Assembly …

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The International Group of Experts for the Pact, made up of a hundred legal experts from all around the world, worked in 2017 on the draft of a Global Pact for the Environment in order to feed into the discussions of the States. Read the draft Global Pact for the Environment :

ENGLISH                                                                    FRANÇAIS

  The draft is available in several other languages here.


On October 9th, 100 jurists from the whole world, among the most respected in their field, called the States on the adoption of a Global Pact for the Environment that would enshrine a new generation of rights and duties to protect the planet.

Call for Action : ENGLISH  – FRANÇAIS

List of the signatories : ENGLISH – FRANÇAIS

  The Call for Action is available in several other languages here.